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Over the past two decades, in the vicinity of open market Kalenić, confectionery shop “Present” has been cultivating the tradition of carefully preserved homemade recipes, taking care of the quality of each ingredient and dedicating itself equally to each step of the production process. In this family workshop, homemade cakes and desserts daily make their way from the kitchen to the table and, while the favourite ones have remained the same from the first day, our masters tirelessly try new textures using the finest chocolate. Our showcase is often too small to accommodate everything that we offer: from small cookies and fresh cakes, all the way to a bowl of Shnenokle. For special occasions you can choose and order whole cakes and eat them at home with delight. You can find in the quiet and warm atmosphere of our shop a variety of desserts throughout the day. When the days are longer, our garden on the corner of two streets is open until late and you will definitely meet neighbours as our customers who became friends over the years and come back for well-known flavours. We are located at the corner of Njegoševa and Nevesinjska Streets.


For two decades we have been making skilfully decorated and unique-flavoured cakes using the highest quality ingredients according to our traditional family recipes. This will make each of your events special.


Skilful hands of our confectioners create recognisable and unique-flavoured “Present” desserts on a daily basis, using the finest ingredients. Our desserts will add to your celebration or sweeten everyday moments.

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